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TARA Mind is a public benefit corporation that is changing the status quo of poor outcomes with currently available mental health treatments. We are partnering with employers across the country to offer safe, legal, and effective ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) as a covered insurance benefit for employees who need it most. Learn more about how adding the TARA Mind benefit can help your company’s productivity and bring meaningful cost savings.

The American Workforce Is In Crisis

  • Nearly one-third of U.S. adults reported having symptoms of depression and/or anxiety in February 2023.

  • Treatment-resistant depression costs US employers and payors an estimated $29 to 48 Billion a year.

  • Almost one-third of individuals with MDD have treatment-resistant depression (TRD). For them, traditional antidepressants do not – and will not – work.

  • TRD, alone, causes employees to miss 35.8 lost workdays a year and results in 30-40% higher employee turnover.

  • 65% of Americans with a mental health condition want access to novel treatments and believe it should be made readily available to those with TRD, depression, and PTSD5

But, there are glaring systemic problems:


75% believe that mental health services are inaccessible6

At TARA Mind, we are building a premium provider network of vetted clinicians and therapists across the US to deliver KAT to those struggling with their mental health.


56% of Americans cannot cover a $1,000 emergency7

Legal ketamine-assisted treatments are too expensive for the average consumer. Employee benefit plans make KAT more affordable, removing barriers to health equity, and improving outcomes, at scale, all while driving meaningful cost savings for employers.

Our Approach

TARA Mind’s approach is rooted in science and sound clinical practices. Since our inception, we have maintained a laser-like focus on safety, care quality, and treatment efficacy. That is why we have established The TARA Mind Way™.


A set of standards that providers within the TARA Mind network must follow, The TARA Mind Way™ ensures that clients are receiving the types of wraparound services that our expert clinicians believe are the hallmarks of effective and comprehensive ketamine-assisted treatment.

The TARA Mind WayTM


The four components of the TARA Mind Way™ are “PTIM”: Preparation, Treatment, Integration, and ongoing digital Monitoring.  This model, developed in consultation with clinicians to ensure client safety, utilizes proprietary digital measurement-based care tools to stay in close contact with individuals as they progress through treatment so that providers can be responsive to a client’s changing presentation. These measures are designed to deliver optimal outcomes for clients in need and trigger early interventions, as necessary. Currently,

  • Less than 20% of mental health providers utilize measurement-based care (MBC) tools to monitor patient treatment response8

  • Increased symptom severity is missed in more than 80% of patients whose providers fail to use MBC tools9

The TARA Mind WayTM Delivers

  • 1. Healthier employees with fewer disability claims, driving lower medical costs

  • 2. Effective treatments that increase employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism

  • 3. Lower employee turnover rates with best in industry care and benefits

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