How are providers and clinics in your network vetted?

At TARA Mind, the health, safety, and welfare of individuals who turn to our network for assistance is paramount. We, therefore, take great care to ensure that every TARA Mind provider is fully qualified to offer best-in-class Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT) services before they are connected with individuals utilizing our platform. 

Before joining our network, each practitioner must submit to a rigorous 3-part application process to ensure they are right for our platform. First and foremost, we only work with providers who hold current licenses in their fields of practice that are in good standing with their respective state licensing authorities and meet the following requirements:

Minimum Qualifications for Therapists

  • Master’s degree, at a minimum, to practice psychotherapy or a medical degree (with a specialty in psychiatry) 
  • In practice for at least a year (5 years of experience, preferred)
  • Certification in a trauma-specific evidence-based practice (e.g., eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, internal family systems therapy, or similar)
  • An active license in at least one state to practice psychotherapy. The therapist must be in good standing with every licensing authority by which they are licensed
  • Provisionally licensed therapists who hold an MA or higher, must be under the supervision of a licensed psychotherapist who is trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP)
  • Completed more than 40 hours of KAP training and conducted at least 20 KAP sessions 
  • A current certificate of malpractice coverage
  • An active National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number
  • Sign and adhere to TARA Mind Code of Conduct

Minimum Qualifications for Ketamine Clinics

  • Owned and/or overseen by a licensed doctor who is board certified in either anesthesiology, emergency medicine, or psychiatry (with specialty training in ketamine administration)
  • In operation for at least one year
  • More than 1,000 conducted ketamine infusions
  • Active healthcare licenses that are in good standing
  • Certificate of malpractice coverage for ketamine therapy
  • Pass an onsite inspection
  • An active National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number
  • Adhere to TARA Mind Code of Conduct

Once we have verified that the provider meets these requirements, they can move on to the second step in the vetting process: a criminal background check, which includes searches of national and local databases. To ensure that, while on our platform, providers are continuing to uphold the standards set by TARA Mind, we require practitioners to self-report any legal action taken by a law enforcement or regulatory agency against them and/or their license(s) within 24 hours of that action so we can take the appropriate steps to protect individuals utilizing our services.

Following the successful completion of a criminal background check, the provider is then invited to take part in the third step of the vetting process: an interview with one of our clinical directors – who are, themselves, licensed practitioners with decades of experience. During the interview, the clinical director discusses the provider’s qualifications, level of experience, and checks for understanding of PAT protocols and best practices.  If approved, the provider is then welcomed onto our platform and becomes an official member of the TARA Mind Provider Network.