Is psychedelic-assisted therapy safe?


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The use of psychedelics is considered to be safe for many (but not all) with proper supervision.1 It is important for individuals to be upfront with their providers about any medications they are currently taking and underlying conditions (e.g. heart, vascular, brain), as some psychedelics are known to elevate heart rate and blood pressure readings and could potentially have other side effects. Other conditions contraindicated for psychedelics include, but are not limited to, pregnancy as well as a history of epilepsy/seizure; cardiovascular disease; uncontrolled blood pressure; heart failure/disease; borderline personality disorder; schizophrenia; and bipolar disorder.

IMPORTANT: To determine your ability to participate in a psychedelic session, we urge individuals to seek out and rely upon the advice of a trusted healthcare provider, and to discuss the potential risks of psychedelics with them. While these FAQs are presented to assist you with understanding any potential risks of participating in a psychedelic session, they should not be relied upon to reach any conclusions about whether it is safe for you to participate in a psychedelic session–only you and your doctor can make that determination. Individuals participate in psychedelic sessions at their own risk.


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