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We’re building a collective of high-quality, innovative prescribers and therapists interested in offering life-changing KAT. As a member, you’ll gain free access to:

  • Ongoing Referrals

    Ongoing Referrals

    Receive ongoing, personalized referrals from members funded to complete a full episode of care. Providers are reimbursed at top-tier rates above the standard Medicare reimbursement. Providers are reimbursed through regularly scheduled payments for the personalized care they provide.

  • Reimbursement

    Regular Reimbursements Made Easy

    Enjoy hassle-free billing and reimbursement. Never chase down payments again! Our platform, designed by providers and billers, takes the pain out of claim submission and reconciliation. Submit claims with no additional steps necessary beyond signing the treatment note.

  • Diagnostics

    World-Class Diagnostics for Transformational Outcomes

    Increase diagnostic confidence and treatment planning. Our platform’s modern diagnostic tools have shown an 83% increase in identifying hidden comorbid conditions leading to more personalized treatment and better patient outcomes.

  • Engagement

    Improved Patient Engagement

    Gain access to comprehensive patient rating scales and thoughtfully crafted KAT templates designed to optimize provider’s time and elicit meaningful feedback from patients. Our automated platform boosts patients’ engagement in care without additional human intervention.

  • Skill_Set

    A Deepened Skill Set

    Engage in TARA Mind’s free asynchronous 10-hour KAT training for therapists, KAT Supervision matching support, and weekly consultation groups to stay connected and up-to-date in the shifting mental healthcare landscape. Regional events are to be added as the network grows.

  • Operations

    Streamlined Operations

    Increase your practice’s efficiency and optimize your cash flow by treating members covered by the TARA Mind benefit. We’ve created a platform designed to support you in spending your time where it matters most- with your patients.


“We’re thrilled to be part of the paradigm shift in mental health care, offering our unique services at Klarisana as part of the esteemed TARA Mind network. Aligning with an organization that mirrors our vision for global mental health improvement is tremendously exciting.”

-Klarisana, Founder Dr. Carl Bonnett

The solution for treatment-resistant depression that delivers for both patients and providers.

TARA Mind was founded in 2022 with the mission to make life-changing therapies accessible to the individuals who need it most. To do this at scale, we partner with innovative employers who want a more supported, healthier, and happier workforce.

We firmly believe that your clients deserve access to the care that they need- not just the care they can afford.


Our Process


Manage the logistics of care effortlessly with our free, integrated provider platform.

Our platform makes care coordination easy, connecting care teams across practices. It also handles scheduling and tracking patient outcomes for truly collaborative care.


Built by Providers, For Providers

Our team of clinicians are here to advise and collaborate with you.

Our Clinical Team

  • Richard

    Dr. Richard Nockowitz

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Lyndsey

    Lyndsey Ryan, LPC, LAC, ACS

    Clinical Program Director

  • Fern

    Fern Deininger

    Clinical Program Manager

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Our Scientific Advisors

Dr. Sandhya Prashad
Dr. Jerry Rosenbaum
Dr. Nolan Williams
Rachel Yehuda
Dr. Rachel Yehuda

Recent Publications from our Scientific Advisory Board

 Group   Effects of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD on self-experience

                     Rachel Yehuda, 2024

Nature_journal_logo 1    Magnesium–ibogaine therapy in veterans with traumatic brain injuries

                     Nolan Williams, 2024

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