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The TARA Mind Way™

  • Preparation
  • Psychedelic Treatment
  • Integration
  • Ongoing Monitoring

We are committed to establishing the gold standard for psychedelic-assisted therapy and require all providers on the TARA Mind Platform to adhere to the four components of The TARA Mind Way™.

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We are building an elite network of trusted providers across the US and abroad

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Membership Benefits

  • New Patient Acquisition
    Our advanced search feature allows individuals to select and connect with the right professionals based on their location, conditions, preferences, and goals.
  • Operational Efficiencies
    Scheduling, billing, patient engagement, and communications can all be handled seamlessly through the TARA Mind platform.
  • Outcomes-Based Reimbursement
    We are developing digital measurement-based care tools that quantify individual patient outcomes from psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) to enable ongoing monitoring and inform intervention strategies as well as support value-based reimbursement and expand equitable access to PAT.
  • Best Practices + Educational Resources
    TARA Mind will aggregate and share with the community learnings and best practices that emerge from the outcomes data collected through the platform. We are building training and continuing education resources to support providers and their commitment to continuous learning in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy.
  • Community
    Through curated events and communication forums, the TARA Mind provider community enables the open exchange of insights, ideas, and discussions about the latest developments in our rapidly evolving industry.
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We want to help you get paid more as you help those in need.

That’s why:

  • There are no onboarding fees for joining our network
  • We are working with employers and health plans to address disparities in behavioral health provider reimbursement
  • We are committed to providing full and partial scholarships to expand affordable access for psychedelic-assisted therapy

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