Alexander Rogers

Human Capital Partner

Alexander Rogers is the Human Capital Partner at TARA Mind and its parent company, Red Cell Partners. Prior to joining, Mr. Rogers spent 15 years as Director of Operations at JMB Capital Partners, LP and Arts & Sciences Investment Management, LP; multi-strategy hedge funds trading in a broad range of securities, asset classes and financial instruments. At both firms, Mr. Rogers established all operational start-up protocols, vendor/counterparty/broker onboarding, infrastructure, technology, and fund level accounting. Mr. Rogers successfully expanded operations through asset growth from +100mm to 2.5b in AUM. During which time he managed all daily trade operations, cash flows, operational risk management, reporting, and critical diligence reviews on fund processes – always looking for inefficiencies and striving for best practices.

Mr. Rogers began his career in finance at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in Portland, OR as a financial adviser; learning the industry from the bottom up. He then advanced his industry knowledge at the GAM Funds in New York, where he worked in marketing and operational support for third-party brokers in Latin America.

Mr. Rogers has spent his career not only in demonstrating his ability to manage complex financial firms, but also in keeping with his civic responsibility to the greater good and well being of society. This was demonstrated after receiving his BA in History from Colorado State University when he became a community agriculture volunteer with the United States Peace Corps; an experience that shaped his global outlook and expanded his understanding of how each of us can make a difference in making the world a better place for all.