Dr. Richard Nockowitz

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Richard Nockowitz is the Chief Medical Officer of TARA Mind and brings 30 years of clinical and business experience to the role.

Dr. Nockowitz is a board-certified psychiatrist who received his medical training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and then psychiatric training at Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was also a Consultation Psychiatry/Psychosomatic Medicine Fellow. With expertise in all aspects of general psychiatry and psychopharmacology, as well as neuropsychiatry, the medical-psychiatric interface, addiction medicine, and patient compliance, he has focused his clinical practice on providing consultation and guidance on complex diagnostic cases and refractory psychiatric conditions. He has authored numerous book chapters on depression and suicide, psychopharmacology, and enhancing patient compliance, and is a national lecturer to medical audiences on various psychiatric conditions and their treatment.

Dr. Nockowitz is the Founder and President of My Psychiatric Partner, LLC, a national telepsychiatry company, as well as of My Psychiatric Mentor, LLC, a subsidiary of My Psychiatric Partner, which will offer a unique, online advanced clinical training course in psychiatric practice for mental health nurse practitioners. Dr. Nockowitz has years of leadership experience that range from running clinical departments at academic medical centers to Medical Director roles in diverse treatment settings caring for all patient populations, including designing and implementing psychiatry services for Amwell, one of the country’s largest telepsychiatry companies.

After decades of clinical practice, Dr. Nockowitz is convinced that there is a limit to what traditional treatments can offer many patients struggling with mental health issues, and that there is a desperate need for better solutions. As a student of the history of psychedelics, their clinical applications, and the decades of clinical research in the field, he is invigorated by the long-delayed opportunity to make safe, psychedelic-based solutions accessible to patients around the world through his work with TARA Mind.